Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I have the plague.

I have a cold.  This may seem like nothing but for me it spells a really really terrible Auckland Half as opposed to just a really terrible one due to my split tendon.  Incidentally, I still have no further information on when I can have my split repaired so the Hutt River Ultra now looks like a no go as well!

Any way, why would a cold spell disaster? Because cold's trigger my fibromyalgia so I end up feeling like i have the flu and generally take about 5 days to recover from even a mild one. So I've got the stuffy head and drippy nose which are not conducive to running anyways but being above the neck don't preclude it.  But my shoulders, elbows, fingers, knees and ankles feel stiff and sore like I have the flu. My tongue is also on a go slow so I feel like my mouth is full when I speak.

But I shall not be vanquished! That roadster number shall be mine! As long as I make it over the bridge in time then I can cruise the rest of the way.  And this is what I'm focussing on!  I don't even have a costume to take my mind off things!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Still penguining along grimly

It's the Auckland half next weekend and it's only the fact that I want my roadster number that keeps me from flagging it. I still have no date for my op and my foot varies between tolerable and red-hot pain.

I'm running and walking to work but that's not particularly far.  The longest I've managed before feeling like shit is 6k! So I think the half will involve much walking.  I'm not happy because I really wanted to do a serious half and I was so on track before my accident. The real downer is my injured gait is effecting my hip again so I'm taking regular arcoxia to keep me from screaming.

I'm keeping up my fitness on the Tranzx. I treat the neighbours and the pigeons to the entertaining sight of me pedalling away on the balcony. I moved my bike out there so I wouldn't annoy the downstairs neighbours and prevent a build-up of microscopic rubber fibres on the wall.

I need to get organised and join the local pool so I can do some more DWR but haven't got round to figuring out when.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Up and running...sort of!

I can manage the run to and from work without too much pain and no noticeable swelling so that's a good thing. Of course it's only 2.6k to work! But little steps blah blah blah!

I've got the bike set up on the balcony so I can do some static riding. Should provide some entertainment for the office workers! And the pigeons, or as I affectionately call them, the rats of the sky.

The wind here is a whole new challenge! It's wacky! Almost akin to running on a treadmill! I'm moving my legs but just don't seem to be making as much progress as I'd expect! I'll have to get a handle on it before I venture down to the waterfront and join Viv for a bit of her morning run. I don't know how she manages! At least I have ballast!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Cross-training rules!

Despite being allowed to run on my foot I'm not pushing it too much....why? Because it hurts and swells up! But with the Auckland Half roaring up I'm not slacking.  Yesterday I went for a two hour ride along the Hutt River Trail. Of course I spent half an hour trying to find the start of it! Who would look down a driveway between buildings! Once I found it and made it across the Estuary Bridge it was brilliant!

There's been a bit of rain so there were some nice muddy patches to cover me and the treadly in mud. It was a glorious day and there were a few others out enjoying it but not as many as I would have expected. It's a great flat trail and I'll be back running it next opportunity I get!

Going back I took a wrong turn (they don't call me Lost Soul for nothing!) so ended up going across the railway bridge on the rickety pedestrian/bike path. Luckily I was over just before the train went through but the wind still challenged me. Then I had to traverse a golf course! A couple of other riders were doing the same but it seemed weird and a little nerve-wracking when surrounded by weekend golfers!

Luckily I made it back to the car safely and loaded my poor filthy treadly on. It's going to stay on the back of the car for a couple of days to dry out and lose some mud before I bring it up to the apartment.

I walked to and from work today and my foot was fine so it seems only running stresses it at this point! So it'll be a slow but steady Auckland or a faster but sore one. Depends how I feel on the day.  But it is great being allowed to do what I want and to get some exercise.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

I've seen madness!

I spent my weekend watching people run round in 400m circles for 24 hours. The Sri Chinmoy 6-12-24 hour event was held at the Millenium Stadium and I got to provide a bit of support for Simon on the 6 hour (which he won with 65k!) and Matt on the 24 hour (which he totally owned!).

For 24 hours 16 people ran or walked around the track, changing direction every 4 hours. 9 did it for 12 hours and 10 for 6 hours. The weather was abysmal with rain for well over half the event that made rivers beside the track, drenched everyone and resulted in lots of chafing and blisters.

I did a 6k run around the neighbourhood and it was great while I was running but my foot swelled up something chronic overnight. I elevated it a bit and it seems fine now. Of course there was more standing than elevating but that is the price you pay for the privilege of watching these incredible people battle. There were some really determined people out on that track...and there was Sophie. Sophie was joy in motion. She never stopped smiling...she was 2009's Viv Cheng! When her feet hurt she ran in jandals, when it rained she wore a rubbish bag, she was a ray of sunshine!

Matt took out the 24 hour with 201km! He genuinely enjoyed himself and even when he struck adversity he kept ongoing and even came up with some novel solutions. He took the news he had to run another 5 laps not 1 lap due to counter error with good grace (everyone was tired and he had 3 runners who were close together to keep track of and there was a note that said 3 laps to 200km but he just saw the 200k and was excited!) and was rewarded when he thought he had 2 to go with the news he had 1 to go. He finished strongly and was an inspiration! And he's a National champ now!

What a great way to spend a weekend!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Bye bye to Kepler

I've withdrawn from Kepler :-( There was just no way I could do the training if I had surgery anytime soon. It was a huge decision but the deadline for withdrawal and only losing $45 was upon us and it seemed the best decision. Now I'm in limbo and really have no incentive to do anything which is ironic since I'm allowed to run, bike, swim, jump!

It's the school holidays too so I'm not in my usual routine and it's easy to say I'll do it later. A walk around the zoo definitely hurt so I'm thinking running will hurt more! But I should get back in the pool! The rash on my chin from the chlorine has cleared up so I've obviously been out of the water too long!

No chance to do much this weekend as I'm supporting at the 6-12-24 hour champs. Simon is running in circles for 6 hours and Matt is running in circles for 24! Plus Nick is also doing 24 so there will be much to entertain me. I'm not certain how Simon's plan for Toby and Felix to have a 'camping adventure' will pan out - 24 hours with a 7 year old and a 10 year old in an enclosed area with no access to other entertainment! It may be a Dean-dream.