Thursday, November 29, 2012

Shocking news!

Not really shocking news, more like totally out of left field unexpected news that is incredibly great.

I had my check up with the surgeon today (more later) and he said "No running before April" so if I promise not to jolt my hip before then I can run and jump in April and I shall at the very least be jumping with joy. Of course MS is the real decider on the running but if I can do so without pain or spasming all over the place I shall try to work my way up very slowly to 5k.

As for the appointment, well I seem to be doing beautifully. My perceived leg length discrepancy is due to my hip previous being scrouched up at the front and now it has been put back where it belongs it feels too long. Apparently all markers are in the right place I'm just curving my spine all over. So I'm going to get physio and hopefully that will get me back on track.

I can apparently do everything I want at the gym as long as I hold off on running and bouncing until April.

I also had the Gastro appointment. I'm for a gastroscopy in the next fortnight or so. apparently it is high priority, pity my appointment wasn't. Anyway they'll have a look at how everything works and if I have a constriction they'll put down a rod to stretch it. Only a small risk of tearing it!

Now I just need to get my night guard to stop my teeth grinding since the antispasmodic I'm on doesn't seem to cover that and my wisdom tooth removal and I'm done.

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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Heading for the big 6

Tomorrow is six weeks post op - cue balloons! Cue dancing in the streets! Well maybe not.

I know the aim of having a hip replacement is pain relief and certainly the point at the front of my hip where the arthritis was killing me is improved. BUT my left leg is not happy. It is my perception that my right leg is significantly longer than my left. While I was on two crutches I certainly didn't notice it and on one it was barely perceivable but whenever I try to walk unaided I resemble Quasimodo.

I tiptoe on my left foot and as a consequence I've had plantar fasciitis, a sore back, sore calf muscles and my hip feels like the right one did. My right hip just doesn't feel right. It feels normal as in my type of normal - a hip that pops in and out of the socket if you think of doing anything. I'm obsessing that the Physio making me do weight bearing on my non cemented hip two days post op may have contributed to some slippage.

I've got an X-ray and surgeon's visit on Thursday so I guess all will come clear then.

On the positive side, I set a goal of being able to walk 1.5k before seeing the surgeon and I have a heaved that. It is with a crutch or a stick. But I set no limitations on it so it counts. I have also tried the driving thing and it worked. Being able to drive will save me having to walk up the mountain we call a driveway to go for a walk and also let me get back to the gym once I'm signed off so I can rebuild some leg strength, hopefully. My biceps have never been better after four weeks of double crutches.

And I can always dream of being taller if the left THJR extends that leg as well. Dreams are free!

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Friday, November 16, 2012

Cabin fever

It's been just over 4 weeks and I have severe cabin fever. I had been extending my walks but on the day I was supposed to start weaning off two crutches I ended up in severe pain despite not even venturing up the steep driveway so I haven't been up since apart from a sort walk.

I have possibly left the house 7 times since the op, possibly less. I am certainly developing sympathy for my tropical fish but at least they have company. It's a sad day when someone is complaining about work and you envy them. My sister has been my chauffeur to take me and A to get the groceries three times and we have coffee while he shops so yay for her. I've been out for brunch twice and to Mega Mitre 10 once (coffee was involved) and two dog walks so I was wrong, I've been out 8 whole times.

The evening walks in Cornwall Park haven't eventuated because S has been working late so by the time he's had dinner it's too dark. The dog gets out more than me!

I burst in to tears today because there wasn't enough time to go and collect some plants before S left for a long run in the Coromandel. It's a bit tragic when the proposed highlight of your day is a drive over the harbour bridge. It's even more tragic when missing out on it feels akin to missing a trip to Disneyland.

So my advice to anyone post THJR would be a) don't live down a steep driveway and b) make sure you have plenty of people available to help you get around.

There was nearly a disaster the other day when the fish heater seemed to be not working. Normally it would be a quick trip to the pet store but not when you're becalmed. It means hoping someone will get home in time to get to the store before it closes. In the end the heater was fixed thanks to Dr Google but I've got everything crossed that we don't have a repeat over the next three days, that none of the boys get sick and that the gas doesn't run out on the stove and that no other minor inconvenience occurs that becomes a major when you're not mobile.

Right time for a change of scenery. I'll move from the sofa in the lounge to my bedroom.

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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

I got my jeans on! (Spoiler alert!)

In life you should celebrate the small victories and I'm celebrating one. Today, less than three weeks post op I got my jeans on. Not skinny-lie-on-the-floor-and-shimmy-in jeans but jeans none the less.

You can only spend so long in leisure pants before you start wearing ugg boots with them and start heading down the road to PJs to the supermarket. OK I have to confess! I have done a few walks up the driveway in my pjs (they also look like sweatpants) and a long nightie, which in all fairness was a maxi dress before I decided it was not a sight I wanted to subject anyone to.

So now I look more like a normal respectable person. Now if I could just figure out how to get my Batman converse sneakers on I'd be set. Elastic shoelaces just really bring down the whole adult ensemble.

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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Getting along more than adequately

With the three week mark only 3 days away I'm pleased with progress. I'm still on double crutches, still another 11 days until I can start 'weaning', and I still get becalmed in armless chairs but I'm getting there.

I'm now only taking the occasional panadeine, usually when I wake up as that's when I hurt the most. I have started on Ferrograd so hopefully I'll start looking a little less like a vampire soon. So basically I'm down to 4 tablets in the morning, with aspirin and 5 at night with Baclofen.

On the MS side of things, I have an appointment with Gastro. It's the morning of my Xray and surgeon visit so it's looking like a pretty busy day. I should be able to drive by then so at least I can get myself to the Gastro appointment unaccompanied.

I was thinking today about which is the most useful aid. It is actually a draw between the grabber (everyone needs one!) which is a dressing, grabbing, pointing machine, and the toilet chair! Now stay with me on this. It might seem at first a toilet chair serves only one obvious function but no! It serves the purpose of it's nomenclature true, but it also serves as a seat to sit on when dressing after showering, a place to clamp my grabber while in the bathroom (otherwise you need to carry a second grabber for when your first grabber inevitably falls on the floor) and a pseudo walker to get me from where I put my crutches to the toilet. If allowed, I think it would also serve as an excellent clothes horse. You see it is a thing of many uses.

I'm noticing a bit more flexibility (within hip precaution guidelines) of my operated leg now when I do the exercises. I read a good hint to do them when you clean your teeth so I've extrapolated that to whenever I'm at the basin. Drink enough and you certainly up the number of work outs you do!

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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Dressed down

Two weeks has passed...oo rah! So I have been able to remove the evil diabolical TEDs and my feet can now breathe. I am making an effort to elevate them once a day to prevent swelling and may be showing mild signs of hypochondria with regard to signs of DVTs.

I have also been able to remove the dressing. I celebrated this by nearly passing out. I put it down to low Hb, leaning at a strange angle with my head down to avoid breaking the sacred hip precautions and the dressing sticking just a little. After a sweet cup of tea and a lie down I was nearly back to normal but I celebrated by buying some iron tablets because I'm really not rocking this vampire look.

so here has how it's changed over a period of 10 days. A vast improvement! The kicker is that with hip precautions the only way I can see my badge of honour is if I take a photo of it. Roll on the day when I can once again twist and shout - well currently if I twist I do shout, but you get my meaning.